Bathroom Objects Vocabulary

A bathroom is a room where you can use for personal hygiene activities in a house. A typical bathroom has a shower, a sink, a toilet and a bathtub. However some bathrooms may not have all these. Some bathrooms have a washing machine for the laundry. Bathrooms are used to wash hands, brush teeth, have a shower or have a bath.

Pictures of bathroom vocabulary with pronunciations

Here is a list of bathroom objects vocabulary. You can click on an image to listen to the pronunciation.

Word list of bathroom vocabulary in English

  • bathroom
  • mirror
  • bath towel
  • shampoo
  • toilet paper
  • sponge
  • soap
  • liquid soap
  • bath
  • shower
  • washbasin
  • hair brush
  • tap (U.K.)
  • faucet (U.S.)
  • toothpaste
  • tooth brush
  • hand towel
  • razor
  • shaving foam
  • comb
  • tiles
  • bath mat
  • curtain
  • sink
  • shelf
  • cupboard
  • toilet brush
  • toilet
  • water closet (WC)
  • hair dryer
  • q-tip
  • dental floss
  • lotion
  • scale
  • nail clippers
  • scissors
  • bathtub
  • conditioner
  • cologne
  • powder
  • perfume

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Flashcards exercise about bathroom vocabulary

You will see flashcards with images of bathroom objects. Click on the cards to flip it and see the words.

Flip the card game

This is a good game to practice bathroom vocabulary. Open the card and then say the meaning of it in your native language.

flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image

Images of bathroom vocabulary to download and share

Picture quiz about bathroom vocabulary

This is a multiple choice quiz about bathroom objects vocabulary. Select the relevant option from the list and get points.


Listening test with pictures about bathroom objects

After listening to the pronunciation, select the relevant bathroom object from the list.


Writing test with pictures

Start the test and write the name of the bathroom object into the text box. You get points from every correct answer.



Spelling test about bathroom vocabulary

Listen to the pronunciation and then type the name of the bathroom object into the text box.


Worksheets about bathroom to download and share

Bathroom word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Bathroom word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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