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What is books and literature vocabulary in English

Literature is the written works such as prose or verse which has notable distinction artistically. You can study and learn books and literature vocabulary in English here online. You will find many activities and games such as memory cards, vocabulary exercises and puzzles to learn books and literature vocabulary.

Word list of books and literature vocabulary in English

  • book
  • literature
  • writer
  • author
  • poem
  • poet
  • text
  • verse
  • chapter
  • character
  • plot
  • point of view
  • irony
  • theme
  • scene
  • narrator
  • short story
  • novel
  • fiction
  • essay
  • diary
  • tales
  • songs
  • dictionary
  • bibliography
  • glossary
  • memoirs
  • excerpt
  • caption
  • copyright
  • plagiarism
  • autobiography
  • biography
  • comedy
  • tragedy
  • drama
  • theatre
  • dialogue
  • protagonist
  • antagonist

Flip the card game about books and literature vocabulary

In this vocabulary exercise firstly click on a card to open it and you will see a word about books and literature. Guess the meaning of it in your native language.

  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
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  • flashcards image
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    point of view
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    short story
  • flashcards image
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  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image

Worksheets for books and literature vocabulary to download

Books and literature word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Books and literature word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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