Top 140 Business English Vocabulary – With Tests Games and Exercises

⬤ What is business English vocabulary?

Business English vocabulary is the vocabulary about the business contexts, such as finance, banking, international trade, investment, commerce, advertising, marketing etc. Business English vocabulary is specialised and it may be difficult to understand even for many native speakers of English. One another side of learning business English is that it needs to be specialised on negotiating and making a presentations.

⬤ How to learn business English vocabulary?

Here is the 140 most used business English vocabulary with definitions. We provide you with memory cards exercise, word search game, word scramble game, Wet Man game, and make up word game online and for free. You can find the links to the games and activities below this page.

⬤ Word list of business English vocabulary

  • advantage: favorable or superior position
  • advertise: describe or draw attention to something for promotion
  • advice: guidance or recommendations
  • agenda: a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting
  • authorization: official¬†permission
  • bill: a¬†piece¬†of¬†paper¬†money
  • brand: a product of a particular company under a particular name
  • budget: an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time
  • capital¬†: money or possessions that can be used for business purposes
  • change: coins as opposed to paper currency
  • commission: money paid for commercial transaction
  • competition: making an effort to gain or win something against others
  • competitor: one that is engaged in commercial or economic competition with others
  • confirmation: the truth or correctness
  • costs: an amount that has to be paid or spent to buy something
  • creditor: a person or company to whom money is owed
  • customer: one that buys goods or services
  • deadline: the latest time or date
  • debt: something, typically money, that is owed
  • debtor: one that owes a sum of money
  • decision: a conclusion after thinking about something
  • decrease: become smaller or fewer
  • deficit: spending more money than the money received
  • delivery: to bring and hand over to the recipient
  • department: a division of a large organization
  • difference: being not the same
  • disadvantage: an bad circumstance or condition
  • Discount: price reduction
  • distribution: sharing among recipients
  • drop: let or make (something) fall vertically
  • employ: give work to (someone) and pay them for it
  • employee: worker
  • employer: patron
  • encourage: give support, confidence, or hope
  • enquiry: asking for information
  • environment: the surroundings or conditions
  • equipment: the necessary items
  • establish: set up
  • estimate: roughly calculate or judge
  • exchange: giving one thing and receiving another in return
  • experience: ¬†knowledge¬†or¬†skill from doing or seeing something
  • explanation: a statement to make something clear
  • extend: cover a larger area
  • facilities: necessities for doing something
  • factory: a building where goods are manufactured
  • feedback: information about reactions
  • fund: provide with money
  • get worse: become more severe
  • goal: target, aim
  • goods: merchandise or possessions
  • growth: the process of increasing in physical size
  • guarantee: a formal promise or assurance
  • improve: make or become better
  • improvement: instance of¬†getting better
  • increase: instance of growing
  • industry: economic activity of processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods
  • inform: give facts or information; tell
  • install: place or fix in position ready for use
  • instructions: tell someone how to make or use something
  • interest: money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent
  • inventory: a complete list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building
  • invest: expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material
  • invoice: bill
  • join: link; connect
  • knowledge: facts, information, and skills acquired by a person
  • lend: grant the use of on the understanding that it shall be returned
  • limit: a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass
  • loss: having less or none of something
  • maintain: cause or enable to continue
  • manage: administer; run
  • margin: the edge or border of something
  • market: an area in which commercial dealings are conducted
  • mention: a reference to someone or something
  • objective: goal
  • obtain: get, acquire
  • offer: to¬†provide¬†or¬†supply something
  • opinion: a view or judgement
  • option: a thing that may be chosen
  • order: give an authoritative direction; request something
  • organise: order
  • output: an¬†amount¬†that a¬†person,¬†machine, or¬†organization¬†produces
  • owe: have an obligation to pay or repay
  • own: possess
  • participate: take par
  • pay: give money that is due
  • payment: an amount paid or payable
  • penalty: punishment
  • permission: consent; authorization
  • possibility: a thing that may happen
  • preparation: making ready or being made ready
  • present: give something formally or ceremonially
  • prevent: keep from happening
  • price: the¬†amount¬†of¬†money a sold item
  • process: a series of actions or steps taken for a particular end
  • produce: make or manufacture from components or raw materials
  • product: an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale
  • production: the action of making or manufacturing
  • profit: financial gain
  • promise: a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing
  • promotion: activities¬†of¬†advertising¬†something; raising someone to a higher position
  • provide: make available for use; supply
  • purchase: get something by paying for it
  • raise: lift or move to a higher position or level
  • reach: stretch out in order to touch or grasp something
  • receive: get
  • reduce: make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size
  • reduction: making smaller or less in amount
  • refund: pay the money back
  • refuse: showing that one is not willing to do something
  • reject: refuse
  • remind: cause (someone) to remember someone or something
  • remove: take (something) away or off; eliminate
  • repairs: fixing or mending something
  • reply: a verbal or written answer
  • report: give a spoken or written account of something
  • resign: voluntarily leave a job or other position
  • respond: say something in reply
  • responsibility: something that it is¬†your¬†job¬†or¬†duty
  • result: a consequence, effect, or outcome of something
  • retailer: a¬†person or shop that sells¬†goods¬†to the¬†public
  • return: come or go back; give, put, or send (something) back
  • rise: go up; move from a lower position to a higher one
  • risk: a situation involving exposure to danger
  • salary: a fixed regular payment
  • sales: number of sold items;
  • schedule: programme; a plan for a process or procedure
  • sell: give or hand over (something) in exchange for money
  • separate: cause to move or be apart
  • share: one of the equal parts into which a capital of a company is divided
  • shipping: sending¬†goods¬†from one¬†place¬†to another
  • shorten: make or become shorter
  • signature: a letter or figure of a person’s identification in authorizing a document
  • stock: the goods or merchandise of a business for sale or distribution
  • success: ¬†accomplishment of an aim
  • suggestion: an idea or plan put forward for consideration
  • supply: provide; make something available
  • support: give assistance to
  • target: aim; goal
  • transaction: a business deal
  • transport: take or carry from one place to another

Flip the card memory game about business English vocabulary

Read the definition on the card below and then guess the meaning of it. To check your answer click on the card to see the answer.

‚ĚĮ‚ĚĮ Sales and Marketing vocabulary for business English
‚ĚĮ‚ĚĮ Money, Finance and Banking vocabulary for business English
‚ĚĮ‚ĚĮ Advertising vocabulary for business English
‚ĚĮ‚ĚĮ Project Management vocabulary for business English
‚ĚĮ‚ĚĮ International Trade (Import-Export) vocabulary for business English
‚ĚĮ‚ĚĮ Human Resources vocabulary for business English
‚ĚĮ‚ĚĮ Investment Vocabulary for business English

⬤ Vocabulary test about business English vocabulary

This is a vocabulary test about business English. In this vocabulary exercise read the definition and select the corresponding word from the list. For each correct answer you get 10 points.



⬤ Writing test about business English vocabulary

Below is an online vocabulary writing test about business English. In this test first read the definition and then type the word or phrase into the text box. For every right answer you get 10 points.

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⬤ Memory cards to test your knowledge about business English vocabulary

First click on a card to flip it. After that you will see a random word about business English. Guess the meaning of it in your native language. This exercise helps you memorize Business English vocabulary easily.

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⬤ Worksheets for top 140 business English vocabulary

Business English word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Business English word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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