Drinks Vocabulary in English – With Games Pictures Sounds and Quizzes

What are the drinks in English?

A drink is a liquid that living beings swallow to take into their body. The word “beverages” is also used to mean “drinks”. Some common drinks are water, milk, tea and coffee. On this page you will find names of popular drinks in English. You can further play online games, do puzzles and quizzes to learn drinks vocabulary down the page.

Pictures of drinks vocabulary with pronunciations

Here are the pictures of popular drinks and their names. You can click on them to listen to the pronunciations.

Word list of drinks vocabulary

Cold drinks

  • water
  • milk
  • cola
  • coke
  • fruit juice
  • orange juice
  • tea
  • tea bag
  • iced tea
  • lemonade
  • pop
  • soft drinks
  • soda
  • mineral water
  • sparkling water
  • tap water

Hot drinks

  • cocoa
  • coffee
  • green tea
  • herbal tea
  • hot chocolate

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Flashcards exercise about drinks

The flashcards below have images of drinks. Click on them to see the names of the drinks.

Flip cards exercise

This vocabulary card exercise shows names of drinks at the back of the cards. Click on them and guess the meaning in your native language.

flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image

Example sentences about drinks

  1. I am thirsty. Can I have a glass of water?
  2. I am full. I don’t want anything.
  3. There is a glass of lemonade on the table.
  4. I would like a cup of coffee.
  5. I drink tea every morning.
  6. Orange juice is my favourite beverage.
  7. She wants to drink coffee after the meal.
  8. It’s a cold day. I will have some hot chocolate.

Asking questions about drinks in English

  1. Are you thirsty? – Yes, I want some water, please.
  2. What is your favourite drink? – My favourite drink is mineral water
  3. Can I have a cup of coffee, please. – Yes, of course.
  4. Do you want some water? – Yes, please.
  5. How about some ice tea? – No, thanks. I am not thirsty.
  6. What about some coke? – No, thanks. I am not thirsty.
  7. Do you want some mineral water? – No, thanks.
  8. Are you thirsty? Do you want some fruit juice? – Thanks, maybe later.
  9. Want some milk? – Sure, of course.
  10. What would you like to drink? – I would like to drink orange juice, please.
  11. Would you like something to drink? – I’ll have a glass of water.
  12. Would you like to order any drinks? – No, not now. Thanks.
  13. How much is a can of coke? – That’s $2

Reading passage

People drink coffee all over the world. In fact, The British Coffee Association says that it is the second most popular drink. The first one is water. We drink about 2 billion cups of coffee every day. People in Britain drink 70 million cups of coffee every day. People drink coffee differently. For example expresso and instant coffee. As you can see a speedy world requires speedy coffee and so that we continue consuming coffee all around the world.

Images of drinks vocabulary to download and share

Picture quiz about drinks

You are given four choices to select from. Choose the correct option according to the image.


Listening test with pictures about drinks

Play the audio and listen to the name of the drinks. Then select the relevant picture from the list of drinks.


Writing test with pictures

Start the test and then write the name of the drink below. Your correct answers will add points to your score.



Spelling test about drinks

Start the test and listen to the audio. Then type it into the text box.


Worksheets about drinks to download as PDF and image files

If you want printable worksheets about drinks vocabulary, you can find a few ESL worksheets below. They are in two different formats: pdf and jpg image.

Drinks flashcards worksheet Flashcards worksheet jpg image Flashcards worksheet pdf
Drinks activity worksheet Activity worksheet jpg image Activity worksheet pdf
Drinks word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Drinks word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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