Films and Cinema Vocabulary in English – With Games and Puzzles

films movies and cinema vocabulary in English

⬀ What is films and cinema vocabulary in English?

The vocabulary about films and cinema includes the vocabulary related to acting, types of films, characters and film production. We provide you with some common vocabulary about films and cinema by the help of games, memory cards and puzzles.

⬀ Word list of films and cinema vocabulary in English

  • film (UK)
  • movie (US)
  • cinema
  • theatre
  • action film
  • comedy film
  • western film
  • romance
  • science fiction film
  • drama
  • cartoon
  • historical film
  • fantasy film
  • documentary
  • adventure
  • musical
  • animation film
  • audience
  • ticket
  • director
  • celebrities
  • actor
  • actress
  • film stars
  • video
  • watch
  • show
  • scene
  • cast
  • hero
  • character
  • plot
  • trailer
  • genre
  • soundtrack
  • screen
  • special effects
  • producer
  • villain
  • stunts

⬀ Flip the card game about films and cinema vocabulary

There is a nice memory game below. First, click on a card to see the back of it. Later, you will see a random word about films and cinema. Guess the meaning of it in your native language.

  • flashcards image
    special effects
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
    science fiction
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
    western film
  • flashcards image
    movie stars
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
    fantasy film
  • flashcards image
    animatioon film
  • flashcards image

⬀ Worksheets for films and cinema vocabulary

Films and cinema word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Films and cinema word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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