Parts of a House Vocabulary in English – With Games Pictures and Quizzes

What are the parts of a house vocabulary in English?

A house is a place that is built for people to live in. It serves as a home basically for families. There are many different parts of a house. These parts can be different according to the climate, location, culture, function of the house, number of people living in, wealth of the residents etc. For example some houses may have a chimney, balcony, swimming pool, garden, garage or roof but some others may not.

Learning parts of a house is easy here by the help of images, games and exercises. We recommend you to start with the word lists below.

Pictures of house parts vocabulary with pronunciations

You can learn the house parts here with images easily. To listen to the pronunciation just tap on a picture.

Word list of house parts vocabulary

  • house
  • home
  • room
  • balcony
  • bathroom
  • bedroom
  • dining room
  • living room
  • sitting room
  • garage
  • kitchen
  • roof
  • chimney
  • garden
  • basement
  • cellar
  • attic
  • study
  • pool
  • toilet
  • window
  • staircase
  • stairs
  • upstairs
  • downstairs
  • door
  • wall
  • ceiling
  • floor
  • drive
  • lawn
  • path
  • hall
  • fence
  • doorbell
  • doormat
  • letter box
  • patio
  • backyard
  • flat (British E.)
  • apartment (American E.)

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Houses have different names such as apartment, villa, bungalow or mansion according to the architectural styles or location. Here you can learn types of houses.

parts-of-the-house 2
parts-of-the-house 1

Flashcards exercise about the parts of a house

These flashcards have house parts on them. Guess the meaning of the house part and then click on the card to flip and see the answer.

Flip cards exercise

Tap on the card and say the house part in your native language.

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Example sentences

Examples about the house:

  1. This is the kitchen table.
  2. This is our kitchen.
  3. This is the garden.
  4. That is my house.
  5. There is a dishwasher in the kitchen.
  6. There are two mirrors in the bedroom.
  7. My mother is in the kitchen.
  8. This is my bedroom.
  9. My bed is next to the window.
  10. My books are on the table.
  11. The television is near the bookcase.
  12. The shower is in the bathroom.

Asking questions about parts of a house

  1. Is the chair on the balcony? – Yes, it is on the balcony?
  2. Is the washing machine in the kitchen? – No, it is in the bathroom.
  3. Are the slippers in the living room? – No, they aren’t. They are in my bedroom.
  4. Is there a clock in the living room? – Yes, there is one.
  5. Are there pictures on the wall? – Yes, there are pictures on the wall.
  6. Where is the television? – It is in the living room.
  7. Where is the sofa? – It is near the armchair.
  8. Where is the chimney? – It is on the roof.
  9. Where are the plates? – They are in the kitchen.
  10. Where are the toothbrushes? – They are in the bathroom.
  11. What colour is your house? – It is white.
  12. What colour is your room? – It is purple.
  13. Where do you sleep? – I sleep in my bedroom.
  14. Where do you have breakfast? – I have breakfast in the kitchen.
  15. Where can you have a shower in a house? – I can have a shower in the bathroom.
  16. Where do you eat your lunch or dinner? – I eat my lunch and dinner at home.

Reading passage

My house:
My name is Lucia. I live with my family in Cordoba, Spain. We have a sweet house. My house is big and beautiful. There are trees around the house. My house has two floors. The bedrooms, living room, bathroom and the kitchen are upstairs. The car garage is next to the backyard. My house has also a study in the attic. The rooms are light and spacious. We spend most of the time upstairs.

Images of house parts vocabulary to download and share

Picture quiz about parts of a house vocabulary

Choose the option from the list that corresponds to the picture.


Listening test with pictures

To do this test, first listen to the audio and then choose the relevant picture from the list.


Writing test with pictures about house parts

Show the image by clicking on the “Start” button and type the name of the house part into the text box. Each correct answer adds 10 points to the score.



Spelling test about parts of a house

Listen and type the house part into the text box. This spelling test is suitable to practice listening. Every correct typing will give you 10 points.


Worksheets about parts of a house to download as PDF and image files

Here are worksheets about parts of a house vocabulary. You are free to download and share these printable ESL worksheets. There are two file formats: pdf documents and jpg images.

Parts of a house activity worksheet Activity worksheet jpg image Activity worksheet pdf
Parts of a house word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Parts of a house word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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