International Trade (Import-Export) Vocabulary – With Games and Definitions

International trade import-export vocabulary

What is international trade (import-export) vocabulary in business English?

International trade (import-export) vocabulary is the vocabulary about economic transactions between the foreign countries. This is the field of exchanging products such as capital, goods and services between the foreign countries.

How to learn international trade (import-export) vocabulary?

You can study and learn international trade vocabulary, phrases and expressions with definitions here for free. You can enjoy learning import-export vocabulary activities such as games, memory cards, flashcards, puzzles and exercises. You can find the links to the extra games and activities below this page.

Word list of international trade (import-export) vocabulary

  • export: send products or services to another country for sale
  • import: bring products or services into a country from abroad for sale
  • waybill: a list of passengers or goods being carried on a vehicle
  • freight: goods transported by truck, train, ship, or aircraft, cargo
  • bill of lading: a list of a shipment of goods in the form of a receipt, waybill
  • c.&f.:  cost & freight
  • c.i.f.:  cost, insurance & freight
  • cargo: goods carried on a ship, aircraft, or motor vehicle
  • certificate of origin:  a document which is showing the origin of the goods
  • container:  a very large metal box which holds goods for transport
  • customs:  the official department that collects tax or duties on imported goods
  • declare: making a statement of taxable goods
  • f.a.s. :  free alongside ship
  • f.o.b. :  free on board
  • irrevocable: irreversible, unalterable
  • letter of credit:  a letter issued by a bank to another bank which is authorising a person to draw money
  • merchandise:  things that are bought and sold, commodities
  • pro forma invoice: an invoice which is sent to a customer to ask for payment
  • quay: a platform for loading and unloading ships
  • ship:  to send or transport by land, sea or air
  • shipment :  to send or transport by land, sea or air
  • shipping agent:  an agent in a port who transacts or supervises business of a ship
  • ad valorem: according to value
  • arbitrage: buying foreign exchange, stocks etc selling them in another market at higher prices
  • barter: exchanging goods or services without using money
  • dumping: selling goods in another country so cheaply that companies in that country cannot compete fairly
  • exchange rate: the value of one currency for the purpose of conversion to another
  • free-trade zone: a special place of business without being limited by the usual rules and taxes
  • gross weight: the full weight of a product including goods, container and packaging
  • quota: a limited or fixed number or amount that a country permits to be imported without restriction
  • tare weight: the weight of a vehicle or container without the goods in it

Memory cards exercise about international trade vocabulary

You can see many vocabulary cards below. There are definitions of international trade vocabulary on the cards. First, read the definition and then guess the meaning of it. To check your answer click on the card.

Vocabulary test about international trade (import-export)

The following activity is a vocabulary test about international trade (import-export). In this vocabulary exercise read the definition and select the relevant option from the list. For every right answer you get 10 points.



Writing test about international trade (import-export)

Here is an online vocabulary writing test about international trade (import-export) in business English. First read the definition on a card. Then write the answer according to the definition.

Points: 0


Memory cards about international trade (import-export) vocabulary

First click on a card to flip it. After that you will see a word about international trade (import-export). Guess the meaning of it in your own language.

  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
  • flashcards image
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    tare weight
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    exchange rate
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    shipping agent
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    free-trade zone

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