Jobs and Occupations Vocabulary in English – With Games and Pictures

⬀ What are the jobs and occupations in English?

A job is a position where you get paid. An occupation is a person’s job or the profession. We provide you a list of jobs and occupations with pronunciations and great activities.

⬀ Pictures of jobs and occupations in English with pronunciations

This is a list of jobs and occupations with images. Just click on an image to listen to the pronunciation.

⬀ Word list of jobs and occupations vocabulary in English

  • accountant
  • actor
  • actress
  • athlete
  • author
  • baker
  • barber
  • beautician
  • broker
  • builder
  • burglar
  • butcher
  • carpenter
  • cashier
  • chambermaid
  • chauffeur
  • chef
  • clerk
  • coach
  • cook
  • craftsman
  • criminal
  • dentist
  • director
  • doctor
  • editor
  • electrician
  • engineer
  • farmer
  • fire fighter
  • fisherman
  • footballer
  • hairdresser
  • imam
  • judge
  • lawyer
  • magician
  • mechanic
  • model
  • musician
  • nurse
  • optician
  • painter
  • pharmacist
  • photographer
  • pilot
  • plumber
  • poet
  • policeman
  • policewoman
  • politician
  • porter
  • postman
  • president
  • priest
  • prime minister
  • professor
  • rabbi
  • real estate agent
  • receptionist
  • sailor
  • sales representative
  • salesman
  • scientist
  • secretary
  • shoemaker
  • shop assistant
  • soldier
  • surgeon
  • tailor
  • taxi driver
  • teacher
  • technician
  • translator
  • travel agent
  • veterinarian (vet)
  • waiter
  • waitress
  • welder

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⬀ Flashcards exercise about jobs and occupations

The flashcards below have pictures of jobs and occupations. Try to guess the names of the professions and click on the cards to see the answer.

⬀ Flip the card game about jobs and occupations

Click on the cards below and say the name of the professions in your own language.

flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image

⬀ Example sentences

  1. I am a policeman.
  2. He is a fireman.
  3. I am a doctor. I can examine patients.
  4. He is a waiter. He can take orders and serve.
  5. She is a hairdresser. He can cut and design hair.
  6. He is a driver. He can drive cars and lorries.
  7. I am a cook. I can cook delicious meals.
  8. Oliver is a dentist. He likes his job.
  9. I worked as a chef in a famous restaurant.
  10. He worked as a freelancer.
  11. My father is retired now.

⬀ Asking questions about jobs and occupations

  1. Are you a tailor? – Yes, I am a tailor.
  2. What can an English teacher do? – An English teacher can teach English.
  3. What can a farmer do? – He can grow fruits and vegetables.
  4. Can a judge repair cars? – No, he can’t.
  5. What does Misaki do? – He is an architect.
  6. Can a mechanic cut hair? – No, he can’t. He can repair cars.
  7. Where do you work? – I work in an international company.
  8. Is it an indoor or outdoor job? – It is an indoor job.
  9. Do you have a job? – Yes, I have a job.
  10. What is your dream job? Why? – My dream job is to be a professional footballer, because I love playing football.
  11. What does your father do? – He is a pharmacist.

⬀ Reading passage about jobs and occupations

I am Thomas. I am a student. My father is a soldier. He works in the army. It is a heavy duty. My mother is a housewife. She was an optician, but she is unemployed now. She can cook delicious meals. My elder brother is a university student. He wants to be an engineer because he likes science. In fact, he wanted to be a scientist in his childhood. My sister is 14. She wants to be a painter or a poet. She likes art and literature.

⬀ Images of jobs and occupations vocabulary to download and share

⬀ Picture quiz about jobs and occupations vocabulary

Select the relevant name of the job or occupation from the list. Your correct answers will add 10 points to your score.


⬀ Listening test

Listen to the pronunciation of a job or occupation. Then select the relevant profession from the list of pictures.


⬀ Writing test about jobs and occupations

Write the name of the job or occupation into the box.



⬀ Spelling test about jobs and occupations

First start the test and listen to the name of the job or occupation. After that type what you hear into the text box below.


⬀ PDF and image worksheets about jobs and occupations to download and share

These are worksheets about jobs and occupations vocabulary. You are free to download and share these printable worksheets. The files are in two formats: pdf and jpg image.

Jobs and occupations word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Jobs and occupations word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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