Pets Word List in English: Pronunciations Activities

Pets are lovely animals that we keep at our living environment. They are domestic animals and they can be of different species. Some wild animals are not suitable to keep as pets because of their wild nature.

What are the names of the pets in English?

Pets are domestic or tamed animals that people keep at home as a companion or as a means of entertainment. Pets are not wild animals so they are called “tamed” which means they are not wild and they are friendly to their “guardians”. Pets are domestic animals; however, they are kept as companions unlike the other domestic work animals such as horses or donkeys.

  • Pet shops are the places where you can buy pets, animal supplies or pet accessories such as food, toys, collars, leashes or cages.
  • A vets is an expert who takes care of the health of animals. They have medical degree and they are specialists in animal care.
  • Unlike pets, working animals such as horses or camels help people with some kind of work.
  • Pets are also different from some of the domestic animals such as sheep and cows which are farmed for food.
  • Some pets are kept for different purposes. For example, dogs are used to help blind people, for some rescue purposes or for some security purposes.
  • Some pets are also used for therapy because of their emotional benefits. Click here to read about the benefits of having a pet.

Pictures of pets vocabulary with pronunciations

Here you will see pictures of pets below. You can click on them to listen to the pronunciations.

Word list of pets vocabulary

  • pets
  • dog
  • parrot
  • cat
  • kitten
  • puppy
  • rabbit
  • goldfish
  • canary
  • budgie
  • tortoise
  • monkey
  • pigeon
  • snake
  • mouse
  • rat
  • hamster
  • spider
  • lizard

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Flashcards exercise about pets

You can click on the flashcards below and see the names of pets. This is a nice activity to memorize names of pets.

Flip cards activity

This activity is for non-native speakers of English. Click on a card and then say the name of the pet in your native language.

flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
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flip card image

Example sentences about pets vocabulary

  1. It is a cat.
  2. They are rabbits.
  3. This is my dog.
  4. It is not a canary it is a budgie.
  5. There are two budgies in the cage.
  6. There is a cat under the chair.
  7. My hamster is white.
  8. I have got a yellow canary.
  9. She has got a turtle.
  10. My favourite pet is parrot.
  11. My dog’s name is Buddy.

Asking questions about pets

  1. Is it your pet? – Yes, it is my pet.
  2. Is this a canary? – No, it is a budgie.
  3. What is your pet’s name? – My pet’s name is Max.
  4. Are there budgies in the cage? – Yes, there are 2 budgies in the cage.
  5. Have you got a pet? – No, I haven’t got a pet.
  6. How many cats are there in your room? – There are two cats in my room.
  7. How many pets have you got? – I have got three pets.
  8. Where is the dog? – It is outside.
  9. What are these? – These are my snails.
  10. What is your favourite pet? – My favourite pet is parrot.

Reading passage

You have a pet. Then it is a nice companion and it is fun. Pets are like family members. They need care like a child. It is nice to spend time with. But don’t forget that they need exercise every day and you should clean them regularly. They may be fun and they may be helpful but they may cost you alot monthly. Remember that pets are living creatures like humans and they need care.

Images of Pets vocabulary to download and share

Picture quiz about pets

This is a multiple choice picture quiz about pets. Select the correct option from the list. Every correct answer will add 10 points to your score.


Listening test with pictures

This listening test help you identify pet names. First listen to the pet name and then select the suitable picture from the list.


Writing test with pictures

When you start the test you will see a picture of a pet. Then write it correctly into the input box below.



Spelling test about pets

This test will check your listening and spelling ability about the pets. Listen to the audio and then type it correctly.


Worksheets about pets to download as PDF and jpg files

Here are vocabulary worksheets about pets to download and share. These printable ESL worksheets are free. There are two file formats: pdf documents and jpg image files.

Pets activity worksheet Activity worksheet jpg image Activity worksheet pdf
Pets word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Pets word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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