Transportation Vocabulary in English – With Pictures and Games

Transportation is transferring or movement of things from one place to another. Means of transport is the way things are moved or transferred to other places. This is done by the help of vehicles. There are many types of transport such as water transport, air transport, public transport and rail transport.

Pictures of transportation vocabulary with pronunciations

The pictures below show the means of transport. You can click on the images to listen to the pronunciations.

Word list of transportation vocabulary in English

  • aircraft
  • plane
  • airport
  • ambulance
  • auto
  • bicycle
  • boat
  • bridge
  • bus
  • bus terminal
  • cab
  • captain
  • car
  • caravan
  • coach
  • driver
  • engine
  • ferry
  • helicopter
  • hot-air balloon
  • jet
  • jet ski
  • lorry
  • metro
  • minibus
  • motor
  • motorboat
  • motorcycle
  • parachute
  • passenger
  • pickup truck
  • pilot
  • plane
  • police car
  • port
  • race car
  • railway
  • ride
  • sail
  • school bus
  • ship
  • sports car
  • submarine
  • subway
  • station
  • taxi
  • tire
  • tractor
  • train
  • tramway
  • transit
  • truck
  • van
  • vehicle
  • vessel
  • wagon
  • wheel
  • yacht

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Flashcards exercise about transportation vocabulary

This flashcards exercise is great to learn transportation vocabulary. Guess the name of the vehicle and click on the card to see the answer.

Flip the card exercise

Click on a card to open it. Then you will see a random word about transportation. Guess the meaning of it in your own language.

flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image
flip card image

Images of transportation vocabulary to download and share

Picture quiz about transportation vocabulary

This is a picture quiz about transportation. Select the relevant option from the list. For each correct answer you get 10 points.


Listening test about transportation

Here is a listening test about transportation. In this test first listen to the word about transportation. Then select the corresponding picture from the list. For every true answer you get 10 points.


Writing test about transportation

Here is a writing test about transportation. When you see the picture, write the name of the image into the text box. For each correct answer you get points.



Spelling test about transportation

This is a listening and spelling test about transportation. Firstly listen to the word. Then type what you hear into the text box. Every correct answer adds 10 points to your score.


PDF and image worksheets about transportation to download and share

We provide you with transportation vocabulary worksheets below. Download these printable documents here. The file formats below are pdf and jpg images.

Transportation word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
Transportation word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

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