Weather Vocabulary in English: How to say air conditions

The weather vocabulary is one of the common words that we need to know for everyday conversation. Before that let’s learn what does weather mean in English. The weather is the condition of the atmosphere for a specific location and time. For this reason, the weather vocabulary is related to the atmospheric conditions. It includes temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind velocity and barometric pressure. As a result, the weather forecast is the prediction of atmosphere conditions for a specific place and time. Shortly, weather means the atmospheric conditions for a specific location and time, but climate means the average of atmospheric conditions for longer time periods.

Weather vocabulary with pictures and pronunciations

Talking about the weather is a common way of starting a conversation. That’s why it is a good idea to learn it. This is a list of weather vocabulary with pronunciations. If you click on any image, you can listen to the pronunciation.

Names of the weather conditions in English

Weather vocabulary includes many words, so we included most of them below with their pronunciations.

  • drizzle
  • breeze
  • overcast
  • thunder
  • lightning
  • humid
  • thunderstorm
  • gale
  • tornado
  • hurricane
  • weather forecast
  • drought
  • heat wave
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • thermometer
  • high pressure
  • low pressure
  • barometer
  • degree
  • Celsius
  • Fahrenheit
  • climate
  • climate change
  • global warming

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Flashcards exercise

You will see images of weather conditions on flashcards. Try to guess the meaning and then click on the card to see the answer.

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Flip cards exercise

Unlike flashcards exercise above, you try to guess the meaning of the word in your native language.

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Example sentences about atmospheric conditions

  1. The weather is rainy.
  2. It is rainy.
  3. It is raining.
  4. It is snowy.
  5. It is snowing.
  6. It is foggy.
  7. The weather is stormy.
  8. It is a fine day.
  9. The weather’s fine.
  10. It is very cold.
  11. It is hot today in Paris.
  12. There are clouds in the sky.
  13. The sky’s overcast.
  14. It’s about 20°C outside.
  15. It’s warm today.
  16. It’s rainy and and I feel moody.
  17. The weather is sunny. I feel energetic.
  18. I feel anxious because it’s lightning outside.
  19. It’s windy and cold in autumn. I feel sad.
  20. It’s hailing now. I feel scared.
  21. I feel upset because it’s cold and rainy.
  22. Emily likes listening to music on rainy days.
  23. Thomas is energetic on sunny days.
  24. It is sunny next weekend
  25. Tokyo is colder than Sydney.
  26. It is hot and dry in the eastern part of the country.
  27. It’s not snowy in the deserts.
  28. It’s snowing. Don’t forget to take your gloves.
  29. Don’t go jogging! It’s stormy today.
  30. It is rainy and 11 degrees Celsius in London.

How to say the weather condition and precipitation

It is snowing.
It is raining.
Take your gloves. It is snowing.

Use “-y” to talk about the weather condition:
rainy > It is a rainy day.

To talk about the weather in the past we use “was/were”:
It was sunny.
It was cold yesterday.
It was about 30°C last week.
To talk about the weather in the future we use “will be”
It will be sunny.
It will be rainy tomorrow.
The weather will be fine.

How to ask questions about the climate and weather

  1. How is the weather? – It is hot.
  2. What is the weather like? – It is foggy.
  3. What is the temperature? – It is 25°C.
  4. What is the weather forecast? – It looks like snow.
  5. What is it like out? – It is stormy.
  6. What is your favourite season? – It is spring.
  7. What is the weather like in Pekin in winter? – It’s rainy and foggy.
  8. How do you feel on rainy days? – I feel sleepy.
  9. How do you feel on stormy days? – I feel anxious on stormy days.
  10. Do you feel anxious in rainy weather? – Yes, I mostly feel anxious.
  11. What is the weather like in your city? – It is rainy in winter and sunny in summer.
  12. What is the average temperature here in summer? – It is 32 degrees Celsius.
  13. What is the weather like in Alaska? – It is cold and snowy.
  14. What’s the temperature? – It’s minus 20 degrees Celsius.
  15. How is the weather in the south of the country? – It is partly cloudy at the moment but it is usually sunny.
  16. What’s the temperature in the east? – It is 25 degrees Celsius.
  17. Is it hot or cold in the north of the country? – It is cold.

Reading passages

The weather Report Example -1

This is the weather report for today. It is sunny with cloudy periods in the morning. In the afternoon it is hot and sunny with a high of 32 degrees. The rest of the day will be warm. In the evening it will be partly cloudy with a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. It will not rain, but it will be colder. At night we are expecting rain. It will be windy with a low of 19. That was the weather report. Have a nice day.

The weather Report Example -2

Good morning!
Here is the weather forecast for the south of the country. The weather is hot today. The temperature is 33 degrees Celsius. The sky is clear and bright. Unlike the north you can enjoy the sunny weather in this part of the country. In the afternoon it will be about 36 degrees Celsius. It will be even hotter by the end of the week.
As for the north, it will be rainy today. The temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. Watch out for slippery roads. There may be a storm at night. Probably it will rain tomorrow, too. By the end of the week the weather will be partly cloudy with a low around 9. Thanks for watching.

Dialogue example

Mark: What’s the weather like in London in January, Jack?
Jack: It’s pretty cold.
Mark: Well, what’s the temperature now?
Jack: It is 0 C.
Mark: Oh. Really cold. What’s the forecast for tomorrow?
Jack: It will be snowy.
Mark: Oh. Wear heavy clothes then.

Image to download and share

Picture quiz

This quiz tests your vocabulary knowledge about the weather with the pictures. Here select the correct option that corresponds to the image.


Listening test with pictures

Click on the play button and listen to the audio. Then choose the relevant image from the list.


Writing test with pictures

Try to type the name of the image correctly into the text box. Every correct answer will give you 10 points.



Spelling test

This is a listening and spelling test to teach the weather vocabulary. Start the test by clicking on the “Start” button so that you will be able to see the play button. Click on the play button to hear the audio about the weather. Now try to type the word you hear correctly into the text box.


Worksheets to download

Worksheets about the weather vocabulary are here. You can freely download, use, and share these printable ESL worksheets. There are two document formats: pdf and jpg image.

The weather activity worksheet Activity worksheet jpg image Activity worksheet pdf
The weather word scramble game worksheet Word scramble game worksheet jpg image Word scramble game worksheet pdf
The weather word search puzzle worksheet Word search puzzle worksheet jpg image Word search puzzle worksheet pdf

External resource links:
There are some external links that may help you. You can click here to watch a video about weather or here for a weather report from British Council. You can also test yourself here about weather. For children here is a funny game about the weather. You can also download a printable pdf document here to practice . with flashcards.

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